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In writing this post I’ve had a few seeming roadblocks in my way. It’s required that I put what I teach into action. It’s tempting to give up when there are obstacles. However, using my super powers, I am able to move through these obstacles and engage with my passions. As long as I keep going.


I keep going by taking action towards what I love. One of which is writing. In this case writing about my superpowers, the things I’m passionate about and how I support others with these gifts.


I love using writing and intuition together. In fact, intuition is my post passionate superpower. I’ve been studying it my whole life, I love it and I use it every day and now use it in my business to teach others.


Along with that I love to teach consciousness. I use this super power to take people into the depths of what motivates them; what is in the way of having what they love and finding and taking action on a pathway they are passionate about.


My third superpower is in supporting people to discover how to move through the roadblocks on their path. By looking at how they can adjust what they’re doing the pathway opens up to reveal their highest and most passionate expression. I use these same skills every day for myself.


These are my superpowers and I use them to support others in shining their essence and to discover how they can be their own person. It allows me to be my own person as well. To be free of what I think I have to do, of what others might want me to do, of what society says is I have to do. These are my superpowers and they free me to live passionately, to shine my essence, to dance through life, to hear my own music, to do life my way and to let my essence shine. What are your super powers? Freedom lives here!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4



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