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I’m practiced at taking action on my goals. I’m also practiced at supporting my clients to take action towards their success. Just today I received a message from a client saying she was the happiest she’d been in ages. I had suggested to her in our session she take the opportunity to do one thing for herself every day. She said it was a challenge but she had been making it a priority and she was feeling the benefit.

Sometimes I can be focused on only one thing. Lately it’s usually my newly branded business and which I focus on for the whole day. I love doing it but sometimes for me creating can be all or nothing. When this happens it can leave me feeling depleted in these neglected areas of my life. When I include balance in all areas of my life it energizes me. So in creating a daily success plan I am giving priority to balance in my life. I can see how, for me, limiting tasks to 25 min increments could free up my time rapidly.

So with that in mind I am compiling my daily success plan to include the most important areas of my life.




Write – writing is something I love so I’d love to give priority to writing my blogs. It’s also a great way to market and to connect with existing clients and new ones. So it’s my number one business priority each day for a few 25 min increments. My book has been on the back burner so I’d also like to connect back with my book and write for 15-20 mins each day.


Market – marketing is also a priority and while this is fairly new to me I’ve been studying it for a while and enjoy it. So I’d like to study who does it well and follow these experts implement what I’ve learnt for two-three 25 min increments.


Connect – connecting with existing, past and possible clients is important so I’d like to do this in 25 min increments per day. This can be through sending a message to someone or giving something extra of value to my existing clients. Or even creating something new to offer.


The balance in my life enables me to do all the rest. So I am giving priority to including the following for at least 15 mins for each one.



Nourish – eat something which fuels my body with nourishment.

Move – do something that moves my body.

Rest – each day rest my body mind and spirit.

Relax – do something I enjoy each day that helps me relax.

Creating – do something creative each day.

Connect – connection with someone I love each day.


When I combine all the things I love I can do them all in an hour or two a day. After I’ve done my 2-3 actions for my daily success plan this is my reward. Freedom lives here!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5



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