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As I write this challenge I am finding it difficult to stick to one or two mentors. There is a distinct group of women, all Amazons in their own right, who represent the tribe in which I belong and the mentorship I need right now.


I have an amazing mentor who is an inspiration to me. Michelle Richmond is the embodiment of all she teaches and I am part of her tribe of Soulpreneurs. Michelle teaches people to be the most brilliant expression of themselves and lives the embodiment of this expression.


One of the people I’ve admired for a long time and whose tribe I’d love to be a part of is Louise Hay. I admire many of the women and men under her umbrella and have always wanted to be a part of the Hay House writer and teacher tribe. I have questions I could ask but mostly I’d just love to sit and listen to her wisdom. She started relatively late in life, she is still working and has just turned 90. She is inspiring.


I have been inspired by Oprah for years. I would love her mentorship.


Two other people I admire greatly and would love to connect with. They are Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. Both are writers, philanthropists, adventurers, world travelers and very much their own person.


To Elizabeth Gilbert it would be more a statement. “I admire your courage”


To Cheryl Strayed I would ask. “How do you write so well?”


I also admire Naomi Simson of Red Balloon and would love her mentorship.


Natalie Sisson I admire as well. I am loving being part of the 10 Day Blog Challenge and would love to be more directly part of the Suitcase Entrepreneur tribe. Particularly at the Mastermind next year.


Still my list feels incomplete. I sit with my intuition and ask “What do I need to know?” I got the symbol of sunshine. Just after that I got a message from Liana Werner-Gray in response to a comment I put to congratulate her on her book launch. She embodies sunshine to me. She is someone I admire greatly. She is young and has already accomplished so much. She has overcome health issues, written books and blogs and become a well known figure. I had a health coaching session with her recently and it was brilliant. She would be a great mentor. She is still so young and yet so accomplished I’d ask her “How did you do it?”

There seems to be a level of freedom in all that these mentors do. I am part of the Freedom tribe. Freedom lives here!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6







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