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I was feeling overwhelmed by yesterday’s challenge and I realized if I hadn’t been committed to the 10 Day Blog Challenge I wouldn’t have written. I would have procrastinated. I would have expected it to be perfect.


There is a Japanese principle called ‘Wabi Sabi’ which describes “the wisdom and beauty of imperfection.”[1]


Writing is one of the ways I put myself out into the world. I am currently writing a book as well as blogs and posts. I haven’t written anything on my book or blogging much for quite a while. Until now.


I’ve been taking action preparing my new website, brand and online intuitive e-courses. I’m proud to say I did apply the MVP principle of taking action to get them out. I got them all launched recently in spite of my perfectionist tendencies. They are really good, I believe, but I will add to them as things evolve. Imperfectly perfect.


I realize the time has come to apply the same principle to my writing. I write intuitively and that helps a lot but sometimes I wait for inspiration. I’m realizing this can be a procrastination strategy and in just going for it inspiration can come.


I can’t believe I’m saying this. Gulp! But I will commit to the imperfect action of writing for the next 30 Days. Whether it’s my book, a blog, a post or a tweet. (Something I don’t usually do.) I will write for the next 30 Days.


I have also recently committed to doing the Brain Illumination Meditation by Sai Maa for 40 Days. So I will continue with that as it helps me to come back to center and remember my light. My intention is to write from my highest expression and the meditation helps me to realign with that and to write intuitively as well.


Well this blog challenge was the easiest one to write so far. Writing can be easeful. It doesn’t need to be perfect. As I teach in my courses receive, interpret, act. Without action nothing happens. So I just have to take action each day.


I have completed my commitment for today. Now I’m free to enjoy my Saturday. Lunching with friends, catching up with family, visiting a friend in hospital and having drinks with a friend tonight. Now I’m free. “The wisdom and beauty of imperfection.”[2] Wabi Sabi! Freedom lives here!


[1] Reference: Taro Gold

[2] op cit


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7



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