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The coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Marciana Marina on Elba Island, Italy


I am already living a mostly location independent lifestyle. I house sit and travel, mostly nationally, and I work on Skype and online. My dream is to upgrade my location independence. I envision having the freedom to fly in style anywhere for business, adventure, leisure and pleasure. So what follows is my dream vision.


I leave my beautiful home base for 3 months to travel, work and relax throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Britain. However, my first stop is to go on a book tour in New York. It’s all arranged by my agent and I visit my favorite places such as museums, art galleries, restaurants and some of the hidden gems of New York.


This takes about a week and while busy it is fun, vibrant and relaxing at the same time. It is productive as well as a pleasure trip.


My next stop takes me to Paris to meet my partner who is there on business. We have a planned a romantic week at a luxury spot in the heart of Paris and work in between nights out and leisure day trips. He does his speaking tour and I travel with him in between consulting with my online clients and marketing my online business.


I head off to Scotland to run some workshops and will stay there for a month where my partner will meet me shortly. During the day I explore the historic areas of Scotland before I begin my workshops. At night I prepare them and meet some locals for dinner and a catch up.


My partner meets me for a few days and we head to London exploring as we go. After a week we fly to Africa to do some philanthropic work and stay with some friends for a few weeks. This is where I am most restful engaging with the local kids, socializing with friends and working as our schedule allows.


On the way home we fly into Asia and stay in a luxury retreat for a week. We enjoy the food, chat with the locals, swim and have a holiday. Then we fly home to our beautiful home on the Australian East Coast. We rest, work and play together with family, friends and clients until our next global adventure calls. Freedom Lives Here!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9



10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson









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