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When I did dancing I had to do the steps over and over so that they became ingrained. Then when the music started and I was performing I could just dance. Well that’s how it is with intuition. Learn, practice repeat, learn, practice repeat until it becomes a habit. So when your intuition calls you can simply Dance through Life!

Intuition takes the guess work out of decision making. It enables you to go straight to the point and receive what it is you really feel called towards in any situation. It will definitely surprise and delight you.

Creating consciously encompasses receiving your intuition, interpreting and acting on it. In order to do this you first need to know how your intuition speaks to you. This comes from learning the ways you receive each particular gift of intuition, becoming comfortable with that, interpreting it by discovering what is meaningful to you and then acting towards what serves your highest. It’s a process which takes repetition and practice until you don’t need to figure it out anymore. Your innate intuition becomes realised.

Before you know it, you can create your passions and effortlessly Dance through Life!

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