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When I was living in Byron Bay I attracted, as clients, young men and women who were on the threshold of adulthood. They had a yearning to dance to their own music and do life their way. They were moving away from the influence of their family and peers into their own authority. They wanted to live true to themselves but weren’t sure how to do it. They weren’t, in fact, even sure what their way was! They wanted to make an impact in the world and also to live their full potential. They wanted to know who they were and identify their own true expression. They wanted to commit to themselves before they committed to anyone or anything else. In effect they wanted to live a full, passionate and empowered life and they wanted to live it their way.

For many people it is not always to identify what their passion are let alone have the courage to take their own path. The default for many people is to then settle for something less than their true passions. But this can lead to pain and a feeling that there must be something more. What is missing is taking conscious leadership in your own life. The pain of the absence of passion can be present no matter your age, gender, career, financial or marital status. Pain is not your destiny, it’s your higher intelligence telling you something is missing and provoking you to discover another way. I listened to what my pain was provoking me towards and used the pain of my past to transform my consciousness and propel me into a life of living my passions. My passion for freedom, for travel and for adventure has led me to become a Digital Entrepreneur. My passion for intuition and consciousness allows me to support others in discovering their passions. When you become a conscious leader in your own life you can become a light and a beacon of conscious leadership for others.

If a passionate life is the destiny you’d love to create then reach out and connect!




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