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     Thank you lovely people for the beautiful testimonials! Love, Bernie xxx

Julie Smith ♥ “I just finished my session with Bernardine and WOW. I am not sure what lead me to taking up this session offer but I am glad I acted without thinking. From the very start she went into the areas I kind of knew I needed to work with but she validated my thoughts and was able to offer me some tangible guidance on where and what to focus on.

Combining my scientific mind with my mind body based psychotherapy world has not been an easy transition and being able to work with someone that can have a view into that makes it easier for me.

I wanted an intuitive coach for my business and I have now found her and can’t wait to see what we can develop together. Thank you for your beautiful wise words, I look forward to seeing what evolves ❤.”♥

Julie Smith

Horse Whisperer, Horses to Heart Mindfulness

Dominique Oysten  “I was lucky enough to purchase an Intuitive Goddess/Superhero Story session from Bernardine Devine at Tash Corbin’s HCSDE auction. I did not know Bernardine’s work at all and she was fantastic! I left with a crystal clear picture of my Inner Goddess and Inner Superhero and how these aspects could help me focus my business. We also created a perfect tagline and title for my business and a focus for a new product.

If you want to hone your messaging Bernardine makes this happen so easily.”

Dominique Oysten

Voice Coach, Goddess Voice Academy

Tess Miller-Sharp  ♥ Bernie has many years of mastering awareness and her intuitive skills are second to none.  I knew I would be served with the truth and in the highest vibration with 100% integrity. I was struggling with my work direction and feeling confused about where my loyalty was. I realised that my loyalty was to myself and my truth.  Since then, I have committed to start up my own business, blending all my skills and knowledge. I came to realise others can see my skills and have more faith in me than my ego does.  I am my own authority. The specificity of the insights that Bernie received and that they all rang true was unexpected. 

Tess Miller Sharp

Intuitive Coach and Healer, The Creation Equation

Bridget Finklaire ♥ I recently had my patterning done with Bernardine and it turned out to be invaluable.  I feel empowered in knowing the extent and scope of my pattern. I  know why I run it, where it takes me (nowhere) and, most importantly, how to recognise when I’m in it.   I suspect that if your pattern was done well, you’d get some great information that would be of help. If your pattern is done correctly and astutely, it will save you time, money, frustration, resistance and a whole lot more.   Bernie’s skill is in getting to the bottom of things.  She is able to perfectly balance masculine logic with feminine intuition to get your pattern absolutely right. I’ve had mine done before but nobody got the nuances that Bernardine spotted.  Those nuances made the difference between being aware I might be in my pattern and being certain I’m in my pattern.   Being certain means that I’m able to take action to refocus on what I’d truly love to create. Once I knew my pattern, I would be better able to consistently create what I love, without wasting time, money and effort by being caught in my egoic pattern, which ultimately prevents me creating what I’d love.Once I was aware of my pattern, the steps involved and the access points, I was able to avert disaster. Stepping out of my pattern and refocussing on what I’d truly love to create has enabled me to avoid pitfalls that I’d otherwise have walked straight into.  It has saved me time, money and frustration, and I’ve been able to avoid some harsh conflicts. I highly recommend Bernardine if you are thinking of having your patterning done. 

Bridget Finklaire

Author, Bridget Finklaire

I just had a session with Bernie re my umbrella choice and want to share…


This is me and now seeing through this essence of me, I can recognise me and theres a strength and grounding and empowerment that is me.  Thanks Bernie, very grateful for this. x

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

I have participated in Bernie’s 12 Week Consciousness Transformation and am happy to recommend it to any of my friends wanting to make a real shift in all areas of your life. Bernardine shares her heart & wisdom to support you in discovering your Truth and to start living the life you love!!!

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

Glad to report how much I have gained from the 12 week program, especially from the Umbrella choice and the going into the world choice. I found the Umbrella choice opened up the depth of my spirituality and the ways i have fun and gave them new depth.

The going into the world choice has transformed the way i do choices because it has shown me what i deeply love to create in the world in its most comprehensive form. When I came back from Africa this time I used that choice to help me interpret my Land of Plenty and put more power into the choices I created. Thanks Bernie for a life changing program.

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

Peter Reggler  ♥ 
Over the past year, I have enjoyed 20 coaching sessions with Bernie, all of which have been international Skype calls with our time zones from  between 3 to 11 hours apart. I highly recommend Bernie as a coach / mentor as she is direct and quickly cuts to the heart of a matter.  She has shown an ability to identify key aspects within a problem or situation that were often obscure to myself but were vital to my progress through and beyond my limiting beliefs and patterns in regards that problem. In a nutshell, Bernie has seen my resistance, pointed it out and then assisted me to shine light on that resistance thus allowing direct progression. Every development and insight is always essentially up to me, but Bernie has certainly been a valuable component to my evolution in awareness. I am Very Grateful for your “work” Bernie !! 

Peter Reggler

Software Developer,

I can highly recommend working with Bernardine Devine. I completed Bernie’s 12 week programme in the Autumn and found the structure of the course easy to follow and kept me on track. Coaching with Bernie has given me clarity on my soul essence and deepened my self-understanding.

Looking forward to joining the advanced 🙂

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

It has been awesome. Thank you to everyone who I’ve met through the program, those who facilitated my own insight though sharing their achievements and vulnerability, and those I have met who have been less active but contributed to the energy of the group ….most of all thank you Bernardine for creating the program and putting it out there, you rock! 🙂

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

Thank you for brilliant programme and connections, Bernie. So great to meet, tune in and work with you this year. Inspirational!

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

The past three months has been an amazing journey for me of transition and change which brought with it opportunity for working on old patterns and beliefs as well as trusting the process. This has evolved into a feeling of my life beginning in a whole new way.

I feel an new openness, new possibility.

The day before the program finished-last Friday I had a massive shift. The thing that I had been working on-since the start of the year just evolved into what I realized then and there is what I have truly wanted but had been directed in another direction. It was always in the back of my mind this truth and on lots of levels I was wanting to get to that place without having to follow a process that felt like in order to have it I had to do stuff I did’n’t really want to do and in all my readings it felt like a long way away-then on Friday the day before the program finished- as if by magic all the obstacles were cleared away and I was presented with the option of just doing what I want to do right now!! Yay! it felt so right and I see the future in a fresh exciting new light filled way, with possibility and how i want it to be rather than feeling like I had to do this before I could do that. I have witnessed this time around that magic will find a way to bring us our deepest truth when we are ready to really let go and trust. For me doing the processes every week it was hard to see progress but its so beautiful to just let it all unfold! in the perfect time and the perfect way it will. I would love to be in the next course. Thank you Bernie.

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

I have participated in Bernie’s 12 Week Consciousness Transformation and am happy to recommend it to any of my friends wanting to make a real shift in all areas of your life. Bernardine shares her heart & wisdom to support you in discovering your Truth and to start living the life you love!!!

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

My umbrella choice is singular in words but multi dimensional in outcomes and what this course has done for me it has shown me the template of my pioneering spirit. It has made every single day of my recent travels to Europe and now Vietnam into wonderous adventures, the like of which I have never experienced so fully before. It has given power to voice wisely and succinctly my views on matters close to my heart.   Really what the course has given me is FREEDOM which  is definitely turning lead into gold. Thank you Bernie.xx

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥

For me participation in the program has brought new knowledge, insight and results. I really discovered what it was like to live in the now. It took me out of my head and into the flow. I found the energy and courage to say and do what needed to be done. I forgave the past, rose above the imagined differences, challenges and judgements and feel free to express my heart and allow others to as well.

12 Week Course Participant ♥♥



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