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I’ve recently been watching ‘House of Cards’ which is both brilliant and addictive. On the latest episode, they were talking about buzz words that poll well with a voting demographic. The political ‘spin doctors’ pay a great deal of money to find what works. I’ve been studying marketing and business lately and in these fields, it appears to be very much the case as well.

There are many advertisements promising the ‘right’ marketing approach that will bring in thousands or even millions of dollars. I have friends who are currently paying well for a business guru to help them in their business. There is no doubt the right person can help enormously but the number of people out there is ubiquitous. Facebook has keywords they look for to ban people from their ads. I’ve learnt to spot these ads too, pretty much, but still find myself signing up for things. It’s all become a bit ridiculous, confusing and overwhelming. Most of it leads nowhere.

The tool I find most useful is my own intuition. It never lets me down. You can connect with your intuition immediately but mastering intuition requires quieting the noise from outside to really listen to your inner truth. Does it feel in integrity? Does it ring true? Is it in alignment with your values? These are some of the questions to ask when trying to make a decision.

I am passionate about intuition and both teach and use intuition to make decisions and to create. I am a writer, an educator/trainer, a digital entrepreneur, a world traveller and an ‘in demand’ house sitter. I use intuition in my writing, when choosing a house sit, in creating my courses, in following my purpose, deciding where to travel, for nutrition and health. In fact everything. It has lead me to some great places, great people, exciting adventures and home again when the time is right.

I love to teach intuition to support people to find their purpose, their ideal platform as a digital nomad, their next house sitting opportunity and a life that serves themselves and others. Mostly how to transform the lead of consciousness into gold. Which means looking at things in a new way without the lead of other people’s opinions and demands.

Intuition like marketing and politics can be used to manipulate. It requires a degree of consciousness in order to get the highest results for yourself and others. If you have an agenda to get a particular answer or others have an agenda, consciously or unconsciously, when reading for you this can come into play.

So the most useful and powerful thing is to get the answers for yourself. In this way, you are the power in your own life, the one who knows what is best for you and the one in charge of your own destiny.

What I love to do is to support people in finding what that truth is by reflecting their truth back to them until it rings like a bell. They go “That’s it!” When you fully hear the truth you feel it’s resonance.

Transforming consciousness is really simply about clearing away what’s in the way of your truth. Intuition is immediate, consciousness takes a little longer. It depends on what you’re wanting. You decide.

Hearing your own truth is priceless! It can take away days, weeks, months even years of research, worry, and soul searching. Going straight to what you want to know about is effective, useful and time-saving. It is also like taking a load off your shoulders. Stepping out of the mind and into your heart is both relaxing and exciting.




Apparently ‘vision’ is another word that polls well with voters. A vision can be created in your mind, it may be just the next step, not the end place and certainly not always an indication of the means to get where you’re going. That depends on your values and integrity because a stance of getting there at all costs can leave much behind you.

Consciousness requires values and integrity. It requires holding the highest for all concerned and it requires leaving behind anything that is not in alignment with that.

Most everyone wants to be of value in the world and leave something behind that has an impact. I see a well-known actor on Facebook who wants to work with Climate Change. He could just pursue acting but he wants to have an even greater impact.

We all have that. Despite what we’re doing now which we may be good at and may even love there are other things calling us. Maybe it’s travel, maybe it’s adventure, maybe it’s a quieter life. On some level we even know what that is, we just need help to find it.

I recently had the decision to make about a house sit. I had about 3 different options as is often the case these days. I stepped into the truth around it and got a very clear answer. The truth is any of the other options would have been nice and I wouldn’t have known any different if I’d chosen them. But stepping into the truth of where I needed to be could be opening up other opportunities, giving me a place to rest and rejuvenate and connecting me with people I need to meet right now.

We are always being led to our highest path but sometimes we get in our own way by ignoring our truth, allowing others to influence us and/or giving our power away to someone else’s agenda.


Blackboard writings " All that glitters is not gold "


Making a decision to always follow what is for your highest can serve not only yourself but others as well. There is a lot out there that tells us we’re not enough, that someone else is the expert, that others know better. Sometimes it’s easier to let others decide on how our life should be lived. But that’s not what I choose anymore. I live a life based on following my own truth in every moment.

Success is another buzz word. True success can’t be measured in dollars or worldly indicators of having made it. What use are 100,000 followers on Facebook if they’re not your true audience. What’s use is $100,000 in money if you’ve gained nothing except that and given nothing of value in return. All that glitters is not gold! Sometimes it’s just a turd with sparkles on it. It is sometimes hard to discern the difference. Sometimes I need support with discerning the difference. Maybe you do too.

It’s often right there staring us in the face. The octopus on the face perhaps. That feeling that something isn’t right; feeling that we need to go in a different direction; that what we thought supported us no longer does; that our integrity requires we change direction. If what we’re going for doesn’t serve our highest or the highest of others then it isn’t of integrity. How someone treats others is a mark of their character. How we treat ourselves is the most telling of all. We can be sidetracked by our definition of love. Giving up ourselves for others is not a mark of love. Changing our definition of love can be an important first step.

Maybe it’s just that what we loved is not what we love now. Maybe self-love is having boundaries and saying no to what no longer serves us.

Our hearts are calling us to awaken to new horizons and explore the world both outer and inner more fully. When we listen to the outside world and the buzz and spin we get dizzy.

Other people will try to convince you that they have the power. That they have the answer for you. Whether it is money or sexuality or position that is all external power. The only real power is the power that lives within you. The only answer is within yourself.


♥Intuition whispers, calling you home to yourself and to your light.
That’s the real gold.♥


As in politics or marketing, good spin can sometimes just be that. Going with what your truth tells you can free you from someone else’s spin. It can not only save you money but time, energy and productivity. Listening to your own inner wisdom can save you from the pain of losing the top ingredients to a profitable business and personal life: focus, time, energy and money. Your truth will connect you to your own gold, your own creativity. You’re then not funding someone else’s pot of gold. You’re funding your own pot of gold. In fact finding your truth sets you free to find the answers for yourself and is the only real Pot of Gold. All else is a ‘House of Cards!’

In the end, the glitter loses it’s shine because you’ve given your power away to another. We’ve all done this and I certainly have, until now. Now is the opportunity to look within for the answers, to own your power, to listen to that still quiet voice within that is always present. It doesn’t always require tuning into something. It simply requires listening to that quiet inner voice. Intuition whispers, calling you home to yourself and to your light. That’s the real gold.



gold light rays and stars abstract background


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