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I am such a water baby. From when I was very young I loved swimming. Particularly in the ocean. I love the feel of diving into the middle of a wave as it’s about to break. The tension of not knowing how it will land brings an excitement that is exhilarating. The thrill and rush of coming out the other side is amazing. Let’s face it Australian East Coast waves are not for the faint hearted.
So it is with the current world climate. Particularly the political climate. Things look messy and difficult and dangerous. Perhaps they are. In fact, yes they are. But like waves it all depends on how you face them.
All times of great change have been heralded by chaos. It’s a fact. People put up with things for so long. Believing other people have more power and right and entitlement. Whether it’s in the personal or political arena, it takes conflict, often, to make people step up and speak up. To break free from their complacency and of giving responsibility for their lives to others, turning a blind eye to things that need to be faced, staying silent when speaking up is required. Until they’ve had enough, until things get so bad that you must act, until you feel you must speak up and say “No!”
Fighting the ocean achieves very little. It can suck you under, hurt you and drown you. Fighting against something in the world achieves very little. It has the same effect as fighting a massive wave. The world is currently undergoing a massive wave of change and a massive shift in consciousness.
Everything that looks like it is trying to kill you is actually working for you. It is waking people up to stand up and speak up and demand the type of world in which they want to live.
Maybe some will drown. Many are drowning already, in conflict, in hatred, in fear and in panic. Those that survive are riding the wave. Both sides of the political spectrum are fighting for their world view. Those that were formerly on the same side are fighting each other.
All of this gives energy to the problem and to the person getting the most attention. The focus on them is giving them more energy and power and creates just what many people want to avoid.
By seeing things from a higher perspective much of the power is taken away from the negative aspects. Seeing what is possible by this mass call to action on the planet. Does this mean staying quiet, rolling over and accepting what you don’t want. Absolutely not. Speaking up is vital. Standing up is vital. So is fighting for what you want rather than against what you don’t want.
Or rather let’s forget the fight altogether and put energy and consciousness into seeing what can be achieved in the current situation. If the tide is to turn the conflict between what is not right for you and what you want to be created then the chaos must be ridden. There is no other way. Fighting against the tide will give it energy. Using the energy of what is rising can steer the world into becoming a beautiful and exhilarating experience.
Do you want to be on the crest of what is rising, one of the change makers who steer the new direction? Or do you want to be smashed on the shore of fear and hatred, fighting against the tide.
I know what I’m choosing! Riding the waves to the shore of something new. Exhilaration and freedom is my choice. I’ll be acting for what I’m in favour of creating anew. Riding the waves to freedom. For all!
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