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In truth we are all born innocent. But at one time it was hard to believe that. I was brought up with a doctrine that said we were born with original sin. This is the type of thinking that makes you believe there’s something wrong with you. That somehow even that you’re to blame for much of what’s wrong in the world. I carried around a lot of responsiblity.

Last night I was in the kitchen cooking and listening to a TV news show about innocent children being slaughtered in a far off country. One of the hosts was crying and very upset at seeing such images. Thankfully I missed the pictures of such brutality but it had an impact nonetheless.

As the host was feeling, it is often easy to feel a sense of helplessness at what is going on in the world. It seems so overwhelming and we are coming up against people in power who say they are helpless to act as well. Sometimes it seems like they have an agenda that we can do nothing about or even prove. But whatever is going on, it is overwhelming and many of us want to do something to change it despite that.

One of the things you can do is start with yourself. Acknowledge your own innocence. Look at the ways you’ve abandoned your own inner being and begin to nurture and nourish that aspect of yourself. Let go of judging, giving yourself a hard time and blaming yourself for the problems of the world.Everything we see outside of us is a reflection of something that is going on within us. It may not be on the same scale but it is a reflection nevertheless.

Seeing the innocence of those children we are reminded of the innocence within ourselves. The innocence we are all born with. I do believe we are all in this together. That we do have a responsibility to speak up and take responsible action. To reimagine the world into how we would love it to be.

First you need to be kind and compassionate with yourself. At least alongside the ways you feel called to contribute. To join the growing chorus of voices wanting a more harmonious world. From a place of self care and compassion the answer will come to you. Being filled up you can fill up others.

Compassion is growing in the world. Start with yourself and see your world transform around you. Then you can act from that place in a way that feels true to you. From a place of wholeness and empowerment.The world needs your compassionate voice.

The host of that show is a compassionate, loving, well respected woman. She has been through a lot and comes from an open hearted loving place that is self loving as well. She is influencing the world with her self love and compassion. So can you! Start with yourself and reconnect with your own essential innocence. You are innocent and deserve to be treated as such!

Bernardine Devine


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